Meet Abby!

You’re probably wondering who the heck I am? My name is Abby and I have worked as a team member, manager and trainer for the first CHOP5 Salad Kitchen in Columbus, OH for a little over two years. I am a graduate of Otterbein University with a B.S. in Exercise Science & Health Promotion and a nutrition minor. Now I live in Tennessee with my Army husband and am a personal trainer. Because of my strong connection to CHOP5, I have the opportunity to share my values on eating and exercise. Holistic health has always been a priority of mine. I love movement and I love foods that taste great and fuel my body. I am excited to provide you with health and wellness information and help answer your questions through various blog posts this year. Let’s make 2020 our healthiest year yet! You won’t have to sacrifice flavor and fun just to feel good after a meal. At CHOP5 you can eat with no regrets and I want you to live 2020 without regrets. 

What is the first thing you think of when you hear CHOP5 Salad Kitchen?

It is probably salad. Easy right? CHOP5 is so much more than delicious chopped salads. We also serve crave-a-bowls that are served cold and hot, and are very filling.


CHOP5 Salad Kitchen is a healthy, fast-casual, fresh dining experience. We specialize in offering creative and delicious chopped salads and crave-a-bowls that offer flavor in every bite, and each guest is invited to be part of the CHOP5 experience. We create a flavorful meal that is handcrafted by the CHOP5 team with fresh, clean ingredients and unique CHOP5 dressings. From chopped salads to crave-a-bowls to soups and more, guests can select a chef-created item or design their own meal from more than 50 healthy ingredients and ingredients. We believe in being a transparent business in two primary ways: first, we want you to see the way we prepare your food so you can eat it with no regrets; and second, we will always do our best to uphold our brand values in every interaction.


Our vision is to create healthy, happy communities, and we’re doing that by changing the way we all see and experience healthy foods.


The “CHOP” part of our name is no mystery: we believe chopped salads are the absolute best. But the five? That’s where we really tapped into what it means to be “CHOP5.” At the core of our name are our values, and we built our business around five pillars of what we believe makes a business great. Without our values and our commitment to living them with transparency and honesty, our company would not be the strong, growing business that it is. Our values are the threads that weave us all together—and by “us,” we mean our owners, our CHOP5 family, our guests, and our community. The pillars that we committed to at the beginning of our CHOP5 adventure are the pillars that we will grow from. We uphold these five values in every location and every interaction, and that is what it means to be CHOP5.

Why is the full name CHOP5 Salad Kitchen? The kitchen portion was intentional. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Just think about your kitchen. What memories come up? I think of trying to learn to make my mom’s lasagna with her when I was 12. Or rolling snickerdoodle dough in the cinnamon sugar to bring into school for my birthday. The kitchen is a place full of delicious smells and family memories. We want you to feel similar when you walk into our store. We welcome you like family, prepare food with you down the line, and hopefully leave you with good times and a full belly. 

  • Flavor: CHOP5 Salad Kitchen is built on the concept of unmatched flavor: we work hard to offer a menu of chef-inspired options that are crafted specifically to blend fresh flavors into every bite.
  • Freshness: We highly value using the freshest produce and cleanest ingredients available. We take great pride in sourcing our foods from partners that we trust.
  • Engagement: Regardless of where you visit CHOP5, we are always happy to serve you. Our team is ready to help you craft the flavorful meal you want through a fun, interactive exchange.
  • Health: We want you to eat with no regrets, and we’re on a mission to make that happen while still packing your meal full of flavor. Our fresh, whole ingredients and handmade salad dressings are crafted to be a delicious, healthy alternative to fast-food dining.
  • Community: CHOP5 believes that each of us has the power to impact our communities. As part of our commitment to our communities, CHOP5 donates fresh produce through our Full Bellies program, our campaign aimed at ending hunger in our local communities.


So, what does a blog have to do with salads? We believe that if you eat well, you live well. So, we want to share valuable information that will inform you and help you make good life decisions. We also want another way to connect and interact with our guests on what works for them so that we can all share our experiences.

Send me any questions or topics you’d love to see on the blog this year at AbbyP@CHOP5.com

Chop well, eat well, live well. That’s CHOP5!

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