What are the Best Salad Franchises?

by Haley Cafarella, FranchiseWire

Fast-Casual Franchises Don’t Have to be Unhealthy. Here’s a Look at the Top Salad Franchises and Their Benefits.

Eating out can sometimes seem like an exercise in picking the least unhealthy option on a menu of high-caloric burgers, pizza, and sugary carbonated drinks. But thankfully, there are more and more fast-casual franchises that cater to people who want healthier, cleaner options. While traditional salad bar franchises have been on the fast-casual scene for some time, more innovative brands have arrived. Although the popular Sweetgreen and Chopt salad brands do not offer franchise opportunities, investors can find a number of salad franchises with the same healthy and fun vibe.

Salad franchise owners benefit from multiple revenue streams, like online ordering and catering options, and have the advantage of lower startup costs than most traditional fast-food restaurants. But is owning a salad franchise for you? Here is a look at 10 of the best salad franchises and their benefits.