Chop5 Exec Leans on Franchisee Experience to Develop New Salad Concept

by Megan Glenn, Franchise Times

Why did you decide to become a franchisor?

My partners and I were franchisees with Papa Johns. As you go to conferences and meetings, you walk out sometimes and think, ‘Holy smokes, we can do better than this.’ For like 10 years, we were saying we were going to do our own concept and finally the right time came.

We traveled the country and looked at different segments to see if we could find something to put some passion behind and see it through the franchisee’s eyes. That’s our DNA, that’s who we are. We know what we need to have to be successful, so we wanted to do things a little differently than the typical franchisor.

As a franchise gets old and grows, there’s more of a gap between the franchisee and franchisor. They’re not aligned with the same goals. We’re franchisees. We’re going to have the same goals.

Brian Mills, Co-Founder & Co-Owner