Let’s Talk ‘Beach Bodies’…

By Taylor Smith, CHOP5 Nutrition & Wellness Blogger

How to get the perfect beach body:  10 easy steps! 

Okay, so the first step to begin your journey of obtaining your desirable beach body for summer is—-JUST KIDDING!  If you know me, you know that I would never write an article about how to get a “beach body” for three reasons:

  1. There are no specific steps to magically having a “beach body” because everyone’s bodies are different and different things work for different people.
  2. EVERYONE HAS A “BEACH BODY”.  If you have a body and are on a beach, then you my friend have a beach body! Congrats!
  3. You should not feel the need to change your body for summer to feel accepted by society.  You are beautiful and there is not one body type that is “correct”.

HOWEVER, with that being said, I do understand the desire to want to change your body.  I do not believe that people should change their bodies to fit the unrealistic beauty standards.  Instead, I believe that if you want to change your body it should be because you want to feel your best both physically and mentally! Because you want to live your best life! 

I also firmly believe that if you want to get fit, it should not just be a seasonal thing before summer rolls around.  Your aspiration should be an all year long thing because you want to live a certain lifestyle and prioritize your well-being.  If it’s not the latter, then you are most likely falling victim to the toxic diet culture and beauty standards that are especially prevalent right before summer hits.

SO, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle in general, I will give you tips for that.  Just remember to figure out your “why”: 

Why do you want to live a healthy lifestyle? 

What will you gain from it? 

Is it just so you will feel accepted by society or because it will make you feel your best?

Make changes for the right reasons.  Do it for YOU, not because of anyone/anything else.

Some Tips to Live a Healthy Lifestyle & Feel Your Best in Your Body:

  • Eat a balanced diet with no restrictions (honor your cravings)
  • Eat everything in moderation
  • Exercise a couple times a week (cardio, lifting, biking, core, etc.)
  • Prioritize your sleep
  • Drink lots of water
  • Implement at least one rest/recovery day a week
  • Take care of your body—-stretch, foam roll, massage gun, hot & cold contrast bathing, massages, heating pads, etc.
  • Fuel your body before & after workouts properly
  • Be mindful of how you nourish your body—make sure to incorporate proteins, veggies, carbs, fruit, healthy fats, etc. into your diet mix in Chopped Salad every now and again!
  • Practice good hygiene & take care of your skin
  • Do things that are good for your soul!  Enjoyable activities, hobbies, hang out with friends, read a good book, go on an adventure, plan a fun day, treat yourself, take a trip
  • Take care of your mental health—reach out if you need help, share your story, talk about your feelings, do self-reflections, take a day for yourself

All in all, do things that serve YOUR own needs. 

Personal Struggle:

I know what it’s like to struggle with bad body image.  To look in the mirror and criticize everything you see.  To look at your peers and wish you looked like them. To try to change your body to feel like you belong. 

Although, I can also tell you how at both my lowest and highest weights I never felt like I had the “perfect body”.   I was still always yearning for more.  More more more. Never feeling enough. Never satisfied.  Never feeling happy in my body. 

My Realization About My Body & Advice for You:

But my friends, there is no perfect body.  You are blessed with your body and should honor it. 

Through lots of ups and downs in my life and constantly working on myself, I have realized that I am the most confident in my body when I FEEL my best.  And I feel my best when I take care of both my physical and mental health.  That’s the trick to developing an acceptance, appreciation, and love for your body.

Going forward, make sure to be purposeful in the choices you make that allow you to live your best life!  Whether that’s going to CHOP5 to nourish your body or treating yourself to a cookie from your favorite bakery!

New Year’s Intentions Update:
This month I’ve followed through on my intention of “finding joy in the little things by romanticizing everything”.  The day-to-day can be mundane.  There are lots of things that you may not want to do but have to/should do.  I’ve learned that by romanticizing everything, I can positively change my perspective on these things and can even find enjoyment in them!  For instance, I’ve been romanticizing doing sprints by taking in all the beauty around me---the sunset, beautiful mountains, cool breeze on my cheeks, the warmth of the sun on my skin, the thrill of pushing my body & feeling alive.