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CHOP5 Salad Kitchen is looking for creative, energetic, fun people with real personalities to join our family in a start-up, salad-focused fast casual restaurant.
Remember Apple? McDonalds? Starbucks? They all started with one store. Come be on the ground floor that promises to revolutionize the fast food industry toward craveable eats. As a family member, you will not be treated like a mere employee. You will be treated like family with:

  • Respect: We will never humiliate you with unflattering uniforms, make you say a script of words, force you to be someone you are not. We want your personality to shine.
  • Honesty: We create opportunities when you work hard, and give you chances to fix mistakes (everyone makes them, you know).
  • Support: You need sabbatical time to pursue school, help your family, give back to your community – your job is secure. We value our family members and the fear of losing a job should not stop you from pursuing your dreams.
  • Loyalty: Our founders have a 20-year loyal friendship, but loyalty is not a given, it must be earned. We will do our part by
    • Offering competitive wages (hourly rate + tips)
    • Providing all training and paying you for it
    • Including you in creative salad design – your ideas will be heard
    • Creating career growth opportunities where eventually you too could become an owner!

So consider this, we don’t have employees, we have a family who gathers at our kitchen table and together builds a movement into craveable, fresh, and healthy eating.

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