10 Ways To Give Back!


You get what you give, and at CHOP5 Salad Kitchen we value giving back to our local community. We are often supporting local charities, teams, and organizations through fundraising initiatives. We even have our Full Bellies Campaign  which targets food scarcity in our local community. For every dish sold in our stores, we donate fresh produce to food pantries and organizations on the front lines of fighting hunger. With the holiday season approaching, you may be feeling extra blessed for the life you have. Consider extending your joy by helping out in various ways in your community and beyond. Below are ten different ideas you can use to help inspire your giving spirit.

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1. Support a Business with a Cause

When purchasing gifts or gift cards, this year consider companies that have charitable causes and initiatives that give back. That way you get more bang for your buck. Some examples include CHOP5, TOMS, Ivory Ella, Diff Eyewear, Project 7, Warby Parker and so many more! Click here to browse more shop ideas or google your favorites to look into any campaigns they may have. 

2. Thank your Local Firefighters – Call the non-emergency number to ask if they would be okay if you brought some food or treats by (make sure to mask up). Make them a yummy hearty dish or some cookies to brighten their day and thank them for their service.

3. Virtually Volunteer – Not ready to venture out into the public? That’s fine, volunteer from your couch! Click here to explore all the opportunities you can do from home. There are so many causes listed. Something for everyone! 

4. Tip generously – Food service and hospitality workers work insane hours around the holidays to help support their families and to make sure you have a great time. A great way to directly affect an individual is to tip generously, and with cash, on a few of your dining out excursions. 

5. Download Some Apps – In the age of technology, of course there are apps that you can download to help make a difference. Here are a few examples and a synopsis on what each App does…

Dog with a leash in his mouth.

Walk For a Dog: Animal lovers unite! If you are already walking your dog then this is the app for you! It is almost like a fitness tracker for your pup where you can set exercise goals & see past walk info. When you sign up make sure to select your local animal shelter and share your walks on social media and encourage others in your community to get out and walk their dogs to earn support for animal charities in your community.

  • Be My Eyes: This app allows you to assist a visually impaired person in daily tasks. The tasks are simple and you receive a notification when someone needs your help. You video connect and help them out with whatever the task may be. 
  • Charity Miles: This app is partnered with 40 charities. You select your charity of choice and then run, walk, bike or hike your way to donation town. For each mile logged running or walking a 25-cent donation is made and for each biking mile a 10-cent donation is made. That may not seem like a bunch, but think of all the miles you logged for zero cents this year. Get moving and add those miles up!
  • Donate A Photo: Snap & share a cherished moment on your smart phone, then upload it. And just like that a $1 donation is given to a charity of your choice on behalf of Johnson & Johnson. You can do up to 1 photo a day! That’s $365 a year that doesn’t come out of your pocket, just your camera roll. 
  • Feedie: Snap photos of your food in the app. Participating restaurants make donations for each snap to The Lunchbox Fund (a charity that provides meals to South African school children). 
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6. Organize a Food Drive – Got a neighborhood Facebook page? Then you have the power to set up a food drive. In this coronavirus world you could instruct neighbors to place nonperishable food items in bags and then have them dropped off to a community location like a park or church on a certain day. Utilize gloves when picking the items up and reach out to local charities to arrange your drop off.

7. Pack Stockings for the Homeless – Hit up the Dollar Tree or Target dollar spot to snag some cheap stockings. Fill them up with useful items like gloves, socks, granola bars, bottled water, fast food/grocery gift cards, wet wipes and tissues. Head downtown and hand them out. Please avoid recording and posting your good deed unless the individuals give approval. 

8. Donate Blood – Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. The American Red Cross  is your go to for blood donation information & to see what COVID-19 precautions are in place. Even in these unprecedented times the need for blood donations stands. 

9. Write a LetterThe Write On Campaign  connects you with people who may be in need of a mood boost. Examples include soldiers, cancer patients, the elderly and more. All you have to do is write a kind letter. Who doesn’t love getting mail? And in this weird time, where so many are isolated, this could be a game changer. 

10. Gift a Reoccurring Donation – If you have someone in your life who is especially passionate about a certain cause or campaign gift them a reoccurring donation in their name. Make sure you tell them how long you plan to donate, how often and how much (i.e.: “one time a month I will make a donation in your name to XYZ for the amount of $20. This will continue all of 2021.”) 

With COVID-19, the holidays may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the giving spirit alive. There are plenty of ways to support causes you care about without even leaving the house. Join CHOP5 in giving back this month! What other ways do you and your family give back? Email me your answers at abbyp@chop5.com

Chop well, eat well, live well.

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Happy holidays from your CHOP5 Family!