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The Chop 5 Salad Kitchen Story

OUR STORY: Let’s Eat with No Regrets

CHOP5 Salad Kitchen is rocking the world of salads. We exude the spirit of craveably good food, and we do it through a unique chopping method. At CHOP5 Salad Kitchen, we think outside the box of fast food, fried food, been-there-done-that food. We reimagine fast-casual dining by melding innovative, fresh tastes into dishes that are not only great tasting but good for you.

Let’s Get Fresh

Unlike the salads you might make with a few ingredients at home, what we do with salads is a surprise that’s waiting to be savored. After preparing and chopping your salad from a selection of more than 50 fresh ingredients, we mix the medley with our culinary team’s own creations of house-made dressings. Each is unique and savory, giving you a delicious combination of flavors in each and every bite.

Chef Inspired Flavors

Our menu of chopped salads (with or without turkey, ham, hot chicken or steak, bacon, shrimp or tofu), soups, wraps and bowls pair ingredients with sensational sauces and dressings that resonate with flavors of the Southwest, Asia, the Mediterranean, Mexico and the Middle East. Who wants to eat the same thing every day? Certainly no one we know! From delicately subtle to blitzingly bold, our chopped salads are changing the mealtime routine! For a bit heartier lunch or dinner, bowls with rice or beans and the protein of your choice brim with a bonanza of flavors that say you’re not someone who’s willing to settle for ordinary.

A Big Happy Work Family

CHOP5 Salad Kitchen is a big family that promotes tasty food and health (and a lot of happiness!) We believe in taking care of our carefully-selected, enthusiastic employees well because they are the heart of the CHOP5 Salad Kitchen team and we value their involvement. We launch our team members on a career path that will give them exciting opportunities to grow with us. By donating a percentage of our sales to a local charity, CHOP5 Salad Kitchen is a committed partner in each community in which we’re located. We hope you will join us soon for lunch or dinner.

The Chop 5 Salad Kitchen Restaurant Story